Direct Advocacy

We offer direct advocacy lobbying services for clients seeking representation before Illinois state government. Our professionals can assist you on a singular issue or help you establish a long-term footprint in Springfield to continually voice your interests and concerns.

We bring our clients together with policymakers  to develop and author new bills or when revising or removing existing legislation. Our professionals will lead you through the legislative process, including identifying sponsors to introduce your bill, testifying on your behalf in committee meetings and overseeing your legislation as it moves through both floors of the Illinois General Assembly.By providing ongoing, active representation, John J. Millner And Associates has built a track-record of successfully advancing our clients’ policy goals.

Our direct advocacy services include:

  • Drafting or assisting with the drafting of bills
  • Identifying legislators for bill sponsorship
  • Gathering support for our client’s position on bill in committee and on the Senate and House floor
  • Testifying on your behalf in hearings
  • Attending board meetings and representing you at meetings, conferences and other outside events

Legislative Monitoring

Thousands of bills are introduced and amendments are proposed each year in the Illinois General Assembly. Our presence in the Illinois State Capitol working with legislators, staff members and executive branch officials allow us real-time access to policy discussions and changes in progress. Additionally, our monitoring technology tracks bills and amendments to provide our clients with another layer of review. Together, we can notify and act upon legislation in concert with the needs of our clients.

Effective legislative monitoring involves a collaborative process whereby we work with the client to understand their issues and specific terminology unique to their field. We then input these key words into our legislative tracking system to screen for any bills that may be of interest to the client. After reviewing all potential bills that may impact our client, we work to strategize and prioritize those bills that you wish to act upon and identify any new bill introductions related to your policy concerns.

Legislative monitoring service includes:

  • Identifying key issues and terminology affiliated with your field to create a comprehensive billscreening system
  • Tracking the movement of bills and introduction of amendments to determine course of action
  • Walking the offices of the legislative branch and executive branch on a daily basis to capture any updates related to key issues, bills or amendments
  • Testifying on your behalf in hearings
  • Attending board meetings and representing you at meetings, conferences and other outside events

Strategic Consulting

Our strategic consulting services go beyond helping you draft and present policy before the Illinois Government. Our experienced professionals can help you define your policy objectives, connect you with key strategic partners and build campaigns to advance your goals. In addition, we offer training and seminars on witness testimony techniques and provide public relations and event management services to support your grass-root initiatives.

Our strategic consulting services include:

Public Affairs Strategic Planning
We work with you to develop an integrated public affairs strategy that aligns with your overall organizational goals. We have the ability to serve as your external government affairs department or work with your existing team to define and execute a public affairs strategy. By coordinating with all organizational stakeholders, we can help develop a comprehensive public affairs plan that defines and promotes your organization’s policy position.

Witness Testimony Training
John J. Millner is a Certified Forensic Interviewer and leads our witness testimony training practice. John has lectured on interviewing to a wide variety of audiences in corporate seminars and academic institutions. John has also developed and instituted seminars in advanced interviewing, rapport development and body language. Through John’s instructor-led witness testimony training, we prepare clients to testify before committees and other legislative hearings. Clients learn how to manage their own verbal and non-verbal communication as well as be able to read the body language of their audience to determine the effectiveness of your testimony.

Grass-Roots Campaign Management
A grass-roots advocacy campaign is a powerful communication tool that in conjunction with direct advocacy efforts provides a comprehensive, multi-voice platform to advance policy. We offer consultation services on how to organize a grass-roots campaign that supports direct advocacy efforts. We train people and organizations at the local level to influence public policy at the state levels through effective letter writing, email and fax campaigns. We also organize tailored “Lobby Days” at the state capitol in Springfield, Illinois where groups visit legislators in their offices or have them attend an information event.

Event Management

We offer white-glove meeting and event management services to support the goals of our clients. Whether it’s coordinating a Lobbying Day in Springfield or arranging an off-site retreat, our professionals can provide all marketing, public relations, food, lodging and logistics services so that you can concentrate on achieving your policy goals.