Bi-Partisan Lobbying & Consulting Firm

Representing clients before the Illinois General Assembly, Office of the Governor and Illinois executive branch agencies

Practical Solutions to Public Policy

We design policy and advocacy solutions for the betterment of our clients, policymakers and their constituents




John J. Millner And Associates is a bi-partisan lobbying and consulting firm with offices in Springfield and Chicago, Illinois. Founded by former 28th District Illinois State Senator John J. Millner, the firm continues John’s tradition of achieving results through bi-partisan relationship building, thoughtful collaboration with policymakers, and by always operating with honesty and integrity. We serve clients seeking representation before the Executive and Legislative Branches of the Illinois Government. Our goal is to advance your policy and help you establish on-going and active representation in Springfield.


Direct Advocacy

We provide ongoing, active representation on behalf of our clients to advanced their policy goals. Our professionals work in collaboration with you and policymakers to author, sponsor and move legislation through committee and the Illinois General Assembly until bill passage. Conversely, we work with government policymakers to amend or abolish unfavorable policy. As direct advocates, we build long-term relationships between policymakers and you to ensure continual platform to voice your interests before Illinois State Government.

Legislative Monitoring

Thousands of bills are introduced and amendments proposed each year in the Illinois General Assembly. Our presence in the Illinois State Capitol with legislators, staff members and executive branch officials allow us real-time access to policy discussions and changes in progress. Additionally, our monitoring technology tracks bills and amendments to provide our clients with another layer of review. Together, we can notify and act upon legislation in concert with the needs of our clients.

Strategic Consulting

Our strategic consulting services go beyond helping you define, draft and present policy before the Illinois Government. Our experienced professionals can help you define your policy objectives, connect you with key strategic partners and build campaigns to advance your goals. In addition, we offer training and seminars on witness testimony techniques and provide public relations and event management services to support your grass-root initiatives.


Event Management

Through our affiliation with an event management vendor, we provide customized event management services. Clients can take advantage of our white-glove meeting and conference planning services. Event management services include all marketing, public relations and logistics for:

  • On and Off-site Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Trade-shows
  • Fundraisers
  • Team-Building Activities